I’d like to sell this house – because it’s awesome. Wanna go see it? Bonus: learn what a pene exclave is.

I come across homes for sale, which aren’t my listings, that I would love to sell – because I think they are special, architecturally or otherwise.

Here’s one I’ve clicked on a dozen times in the past month or so:


This is a 2014 build done in the modern/ mid-century modern style, I’m getting a nod to Mies van der Rohe. So while you get great style, open floor plan, window walls, etc, you also get radiant floors, modern plumbing/ electric,etc.

I love a build around a tree:


This inside-to-out sensibility:


and the property abuts public land with a trail to the Salish Sea, minutes walk:


Finally – this home is on the pene exclave of Point Roberts, WA.


A unintended quirk of the Convention of 1818’s agreement of the 49th Parallel as the US/ Canada Border leaves this tip of the Tsawwassen Peninsula in the US, though in accessible to the US mainland but through Canada. Fun, right?

So – if you don’t have to clock in to a work site regularly, maybe this is your chance to get an architecturally amazing place for a relatively reasonable price.

Let me know if you want to see!


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